Temerty Faculty of Medicine Annual Grantsmanship Workshop - June 08, 2023

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Thu Jun 08, 2023 at 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Please join us for the Temerty Faculty of Medicine's Annual Grantsmanship workshop.

During this annual session, we share grant writing strategies and provide updates about supports available to faculty in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. This workshop is open to all at the University of Toronto and will be particularly relevant to those interested in grant writing, including graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.


9:00 am – Welcome & Opening Remarks (5 mins)

Dr. Justin Nodwell, Vice Dean, Research and Health Science Education

9:05 am – Panel Discussion: Organizing an Effective Peer Review Panel (55 mins)

Panelists: Dr. Jacqueline Beaudry, Dr. Karen Maxwell, Dr. David Riddick

10:00 am – Grant Writing Fundamentals (45 minutes)

Dr. Golnaz Farhat & Dr. Alex De Serrano, Office of the Vice Dean Research and Health Science Education

10:45 am – Q&A

Session Details

9:05 am – Panel Discussion: Organizing an Effective Peer Review Panel

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine (TFoM) recently rolled out an internal peer review panel mechanism for faculty submitting CIHR Project Grants. During this panel session, we will discuss this peer review mechanism, including the benefits and challenges of the process, with participating faculty across departments in the TFoM, including Dr. Jacqueline Beaudry (Department of Nutritional Sciences), Dr. Karen Maxwell (Department of Biochemistry) and Dr. David Riddick (Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology). While we use the CIHR Project Grant competition as an exemplar, the format and strategies for organizing effective peer review panels should be relevant to anyone interested in organizing a peer review mechanism.

10:00 am – Grant Writing Fundamentals

Grant writing specialists in the TFoM (Golnaz Farhat and Alex De Serrano) will cover strategies and suggestions for writing a strong grant proposal. This workshop should be relevant to researchers at all career stages who are interested in learning strategies to improve the persuasiveness, clarity, and impact of their grant proposals.

Additional Information

This event will be held virtually over Zoom. Meeting link and details will be shared with attendees closer to the date of the event.

This event will not be recorded, but slides from the Grant Writing Fundamentals presentation will be shared on the Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s grant development website following the event.

Session Material:

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